Identify + Manage Risks of Hazardous Chemicals

Having a sound Process Safety Management (PSM) foundation is imperative to life safety, business continuity, loss control, regulatory compliance, and environmental protection. Our process safety consultants have a well-established team to help audit, develop, implement and maintain your process safety program at all stages of operation to meet these critical requirements, whether or not your facility is subject to PSM compliance. Through our risk-informed approach, deep knowledge of the underlying codes and standards, and practical engineering expertise, we develop an approach to process safety tailored to your business needs.

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Our certified PHA staff can help you and your team prepare for and document a PHA at the design stage, prior to startup, and during re-validations. We can develop a tracking and prioritization system to resolve PHA findings. Our team can lead your Hazards and Operability (HAZOP) studies, What-If Analyses, Failure Modes and Effects Analyses (FMEA), Fault Tree Analyses (FTA) and Event Tree Analyses (ETA).

Process Safety Program Audits

Process safety needs evolve throughout the lifecycle of a facility—from design to decommissioning. In addition to stated regulatory compliance mandates, process safety programs should reflect the current state of the facility. Our process safety management consulting is available to provide a full audit team or a subject matter expert to lead an internal team.

Risk Analysis

For a complete Process Safety Management program, all potential impacts need to be analyzed. We will help identify and perform a Level of Protection Analysis (LOPA), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Safety Instrumented System (SIS) analyses for ISA S84.01 or IEC-61511 compliance, and Security Vulnerability Analysis.

Process Safety Training

Through on-site training or customized online learning, our team can help your staff keep current on a wide range of process safety training topics. Ongoing training is a cornerstone of a robust safety culture and we can help with its introduction as well.

Industrial Failure Analysis

Our forensics expertise enables us to investigate process failures and industrial incidents and provide litigation support. With our demonstrated track record, we can support your team in understanding the cause and origin of process failures and establish corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Job Hazard Analysis

Effective facility and process design is the foundation for protecting your staff from possible effects of hazardous materials. We will conduct a Job Hazard Analysis in conformance with NFPA 2113 to help determine the appropriate level of protection in each hazardous area, including the adequacy of personal protective equipment (PPE).